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Mommy, when will the days end? I can’t wait for that. I want the days to end and have no names. We will still be alive, but the days will just be stay at home day #1 and stay at home day #2. Have they invented a time machine yet? When all the days end, then we can go back to the beginning. I can’t wait.
Simon, either describing retirement or a Doctor Who plot line…


Charlie = spacey tag along. Loves finding clues and observation, but not terribly driven to solve. Still looks damn cute in a mask (all his idea).


Simon = confident mystery solver, although sometimes distracted by anal tasks like fitting the invitation back in the envelope. Still, this is his comfort zone.

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Where did the days come from? Before the humans and the dinosaurs. When was before the Earth? What came before space? What came before the nothing?
Simon, testing my answers to deep thoughts today

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Mystery Solved!!

Simon wanted a Busytown day. I took that to mean = we dress up like cats and solve mysteries.

CLUE 1 = we heard a mystery person crying in our pantry. It was Little B. He had been invited to a birthday party, but he didn’t know where to go.

CLUE 2 = mysterious bear footprints leading up to the mailbox. We found the envelope that the invitation had come in, but it still didn’t have an address.

CLUE 3 = we found a big bear that had chalk on his feet. He told us that the birthday party was in the forest and asked if we could bring him and his presents

FINAL CLUE = we followed the balloons out into the woods and up into the tree house. All of the stuffed animals were waiting there for the party to begin!!

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Diary Comic 9/6/14 Getting my daughter to ride her bike

The part where I lose my temper isn’t the part that ever goes up on Facebook.

I can’t remember who it was (maybe Dylan Horrocks?), but I saw someone saying that one way to look at Social Media is to think of your Facebook/Twitter presence as like your role-playing game avatar - a character you have created and maintain in the campaign of living a life online. My Facebook character is an easy going fun-loving Dad. He does very well in the ongoing quest to get lots of like and comments.

Keep this in mind, folks. Don’t hold yourself to an unrealistic standard. There is no standard.

Truth. All of it. It’s early, but I’m already going through these things with Billy. He does something one weekend, over and over and over, and the next weekend he is so scared of it and gets so upset when we try to force encourage him. And the social media thing is true too. I try to post a little bit of the good and the bad as much as I can, but it is really easy to just see the good in everyone else’s lives and hold yourself to an impossible standard.

For everything… Truth

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Charlie review = “I don’t like your hair. Mommy, I’m mad at you for cutting your hair.”

Simon review = “You need another haircut. You should have gotten it shorter.”

You just can’t please everyone.

Charlie review = “I don’t like your hair. Mommy, I’m mad at you for cutting your hair.”

Simon review = “You need another haircut. You should have gotten it shorter.”

You just can’t please everyone.

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He’s so excited to be hanging out home alone with Mommy. It’s amazing how much some separation chills my kids out.

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Love the Renaissance festival. I can’t ever imagine not going, even though the tickets and food and activities are all overpriced.

Where else can your kids sit next to a female Thor and a nerd rocking a giant Doctor Who scarf in the middle of summer weather? (except maybe Comic Con)

I can’t decide if I’m intrigued or annoyed at the drastic increase in Steampunk representation this year. There were almost equal amounts booby wenches as goggles and top hats… And often times both.

Also, Charlie is extra cute and cuddly as a knight. Heart melt.

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Lego Man Costume for kids

OMG!! I found it. I’m totally forcing these costumes on my kids. Why just be superheroes when you can be Lego superheroes?