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What to do when it is a snowy alien landscape and a frigid 10 degrees outside? Indoor space exploration weekend.

We built a moon base, searched for alien life, snacked on some moon Oreos, made tracks in our rover, and collected moon rocks.

It’s been fun and a nice embrace of Michigan winter cabin fever. I really really wanted to try taking the power wheels in the snow by my husband is sane, so no go.

Highlight of the weekend was watching two boys moved and scared and enthralled by E.T.

Charlie kept saying, “That alien is not SO scary, but he is a little bit scary.” While covering his ears for the whole first hour, but by the end he exclaimed, “Mommy!! I LOVE this alien movie.”



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    This looks like so much fun! I definitely want to remember using the Oreos for teaching the phases of the moon! So...
  2. blastoffbabyboy said: I love the Oreos and the bathtub play!! What is that in the bathtub? sand or flour??
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